Bioplastic Research Team


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Team Profile

Cost reduction of raw materials and processes is needed in order to use biomass as an alternative to fossil resources. Our team was established in April 2012 with an aim to integrating conventional processes, which are typically complicated and costly into a bio-process that is innovative, consistent, less costly and energy-saving. This will be achieved by optimizing, in an integrated manner, a plant's capacity to produce and degrade cellulose and the process of microorganisms' degrading and synthesizing biomass.

Research Overview

1. Develop a method for designing a microbial cell factory
We develop advanced methods for designing a cell factory to produce numerous useful compounds from biomass based on microorganisms' metabolic functions that we improved and developed.
2. Building a cell factory
By transferring other microorganisms and plant-derived genes to microorganisms, we build a cell factory to directly produce numerous useful compounds from biomass.
3. Analysis of biomass
The strong and complex structure of cell walls of biomass plants impedes efficient biomass degradation. Thus, in an effort to establish new analysis methods, we use advanced measurement technologies to analyze the characteristics of biomass that are easily available for a microbial cell factory.